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A waterfall chart for excel representing the evolution of the turnover

What is a waterfall chart?

A waterfall chart, also known as bridge chart, is an intuitive tool to visualize the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. A waterfall chart offers a simple way to put forward the comparative strength of these effects.

Waterfall charts are very difficult to create in Excel, but with, it is only a matter of seconds.

The following charts demonstrate the interest of waterfall charts to visualize the evolution of financial indicators.

An analysis of the net income construction with a waterfall chart for excel An analysis of the gross margin evolution with a waterfall chart for excel

How to create a great waterfall chart with

To generate a good looking waterfall chart, the following rules must be observed:

- the first and last values need to be results, not effects,

- the values must be entered chronologically (starting by year N, then N+1, then N+2 ),

- the values have to be consistent together, i.e. an intermediate result must be the sum of the the previous intermediate result and the following effects. In the same way, the last value must be the sum of the previous intermediate result and the following effects.

Can I change my data after receiving the Excel file?

The waterfall chart is sent to you in an Excel file. You can then change the title, labels, colours, etc. like any other Excel chart.

However, you cannot change the numeric data. To do so, you will have to recreate a chart on, or use UpSlide.

Is my data secured?

The data submitted to create your waterfall chart is deleted as soon as the chart is created.

The file we generate is deleted as soon as we have sent it to you.

Your file will neither be read, nor manipulated by the administrator of

Yet, if you are still unsure, you can always enter your data with false labels, and change them after receiving the file, or use UpSlide, directly on your computer.

Can I get a Waterfall chart compatible with Excel 2003?

The waterfall chart is send to you as an .xlsx file. You can convert it to .xls, but if you are not using Office 2007 SP3, you will lose the data (in particular, it will not work with Office 2010).

Similarly, you will not be able to directly open the file you receive from with Office 2003, except if you have installed the latest version of the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

To avoid these limitations, have a look at UpSlide.

My waterfall chart is not looking as expected, why?

Here are a few reasons why your chart may not be correct:

- your data may be inconsistent: make sure that each intermediate value and the last value are the sum of the previous intermediate value and the following effects,

- you may have forgotten to enter either the first value or the last value,

If you still cannot get a proper waterfall chart, don't hesitate to contact us at waterfallchart {at} finance3point1 {dot} com.

Can I add more data than just the 14 authorized on ?

To do so, you will have to use UpSlide, the software is using to create your waterfall chart.

UpSlide is much more than just waterfall charts: it is a full set of performance tools for Excel and PowerPoint making it easy to produce convicing and homogeneous PowerPoint and Excel documents.

Have a look at the UpSlide Presentation video.

The values I copy-pasted from Excel into your website are rounded, why?

When copy-pasting your values from Excel, only the figures appearing in Excel are taken into account, which may cause your waterfall chart to be wrong.

For instance, if you write 1,000.45 in your Excel cell but authorized no decimal points, only 1000 will be copied and pasted in If you enter 0.436 in your Excel cell but authorized one decimal point to appear, the number pasted will be 0.4.

In the end, you may have to adjust your data, before copying.

This problem simply vanishes if you use UpSlide directly.